Congratulations Marina O`Neill and Young Ballet Academy Dancers for grand opening of Olimpic Games 2012 in London this Summer!


Young Ballet during Maestro Jury Grigoroviches 80-th Burthday celebration in Royal Opera House

Marina O'Neiil- Face of Company BMI


Young Ballet of London with Madame Vivienne Westwood

Congratulations to "Young Ballet Students" - Lorna Ioskevitch and Betty Makharinsky! They had the honour to represent the UK in an International Ballet Competition in the USA.(New Jersey) this October! Betty Makharinsky reached semi-final, and Lorna Ioskevitch became Laureate and Finalist of YDF of New Jersey. Congratulations!

Young Ballet Academy patrimonial of Unesco from 2015


"Young Ballet" was created in 2002 by Marina O’Neill in Golders Green, North London, on the foundations of the Russian Studio of Art, which was owned by German Zamuel (RAD) and Valentina Muekhanova (Bolshoi Theatre) in 1998. In 2009, Young Ballet Academy has been registered.

During the last 8 years, Young Ballet has taken participation in various performances such as:
  • Barcelona 2008, 2009 World Dance Festival 1,2, places Classical Ballet and best European Choreographer has been awarded to Marina O`Neill
  • Israel 2009 1, 2 Places Classical Ballet
  • New York, Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey 2005, 2008, 2 place and Laureate
  • GBDance 2009 London-1 place group dance and Grand Prix
  • Ossetia 1, 2 place Classical Ballet
  • Italy
  • Aruba
  • Kazan Tatar Kremlin
  • Cadogan Hall with Kazakh State Ballet Theatre
  • Arundel Castle
  • The Russian Winter Festival in Trafalgar Square
  • Pushkin in Great Britain – The Greenwich Festival
  • The United Oxford and Cambridge Club in St James
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum and The American Embassy.
Young Ballet has also participated in numerous charity events, balls and a guest appearance with St. Petersburg’s Art-Liceum.

Students from Young ballet successfully continued their professional careers in Vaganova’s Academy (St Petersburg), Bolshoi Theatre, Eifman Ballet Theatre (Russia),ENB and The Central Ballet (UK).

"Young Ballet School" follows Vaganova`s syllabus method.

The following classes are taught:
Classical Ballet, Pas-de-Deux, Character Dance, Points, Repertoire, Gymnastics, Drama and Private Classes.

Students are divided in to the following groups:
  1. Pre-elementary level (2+-5years old) A,B,C Groups
  2. Beginners (5-7 years old) D, E Group
  3. Beginner /Intermediate (7-9years old) D, E Groups
  4. Intermediate (10-16years old)
  5. Professional (adults)
  6. Ballet/Pointe Group F; 7-9 y. old, intermediate
  7. Ballet/Pointe Group G: 10-16 y. old advanced

As well as school concerts, we participate in various showcases and performances with professional English and Russian ballet companies on tours.

Young Ballet Academy

Rules and Conditions

Registration form for All Groups

Dress Code

We require our students' attire be neat, tidy and clean.

Girls: Ballet slippers or pointe shoes, tights, leotards, hair neatly secured. Leg warmers and fitted sweaters may be worn. Children under 10 are not required to wear tights, but must wear white socks when tights are not worn.

Boys: Ballet slippers, tights, dance belt, T-shirt. Leg warmers may be worn.

Class Size

To ensure that students receive adequate personal attention, instruction, and correction and to successfully complete each level of the Vaganova syllabus, classes of Divisions I and II are limited to no more than twelve (12) students. Division III is unlimited at this time.

Observation/Late Comers

Parents may observe the last lesson of the month by prearranged appointment only. Observers must arrive on time and stay for the duration of the class.

Teachers may observe by prearranged appointment only and with the director's permission. An observation fee will be charged. We request that notes not be taken.

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late may not take class, but may observe.


Please report absences to the school by leaving a message at the studio phone: (07939596010). In some cases, makeup classes may be arranged but must be taken within the calendar month following the absence(s). Please be aware that it is not always possible to offer makeup classes, due to limited class sizes and schedule restrictions.


If you are not attending classes payments are charged and not refunded unless once month notice given in written form via email below. We are charging equal termly fee three times a year totaling 12 month a year. If you choose pay monthly 20% will be added.

Trial Classes

Trial class should be arranged in advance via email with registration form completed and present during the class. Fee for the trial class is £20.00 paid in advance.


Friends of «Young Ballet»

Dama Alicia Markova CBE and Marina O'Neill - Director of "Young Ballet of London" Dr. Bulat Aukhanov, Honored Artist of USSR, Platinium Tarlan Award, Ms.Monica Mason - Director of The Royal Ballet Theatre Covent Garden London and Marina O`Neill-Director of "Young Ballet of London" Bulat Aukhanov, Honored artist of USSR, Platinium Tarlan Award, Alexander Grant OBE - famous ballet soloist and Marina O`Neill-Director of "Young Ballet of London".
Her Grace The Duchess of Norfolk and a "Young Ballet" student Andris Liepa, Honoured Artist of Russia, ex-soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre and Marina O'Neill - Director of "Young Ballet of London" Maya Plisetskaya, Honoured Artist of the USSR, Prima Ballerina Assoluta and Marina O'Neill - Director of "Young Ballet of London".
Marina O`Neill,soloist of Malyi Ballet Theatre and Irina Kudrina, wife of Minister of Finance Russia. Marina O`Neill and Marionness of Londonderry Doreen Wells